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Though, our loyalty is unconditional.

DD Perks Program Terms of Use & Privacy Policy

The DD Perks® Program (also known as the “Perks Program”) is offered at the sole discretion of Dunkin’. Perks Program rules, terms, conditions, benefits or rewards may be modified at any time by Dunkin’, with or without notice. Such changes may affect previously earned points and rewards.

To receive points toward rewards, order through the Dunkin’ app, and receive discount offers, Members must enroll an active DD card (defined below) to your account.  Members may enroll a DD card at any point after joining.   If you do not have an active DD card enrolled and you are not in a Multi-Tender Test Market (“MTT Market” as defined below), you will only receive marketing communications. 

Please read the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use carefully to understand how Dunkin’ Donuts collects, uses and discloses information about its customers.

Perks Program Participation and Criteria

Go to www.dunkindonuts.com, www.DDPerks.com, www.perksyourway.com (“Websites”) or the Dunkin’  App and create a new account and provide the following information:    

  1. First Name, Last Name, Password, Email, and mobile number. 
  2. Birthday (month, day) is optional to receive birthday offers.   If you do not provide birthday information you will not receive birthday offers. 
  3. Zip Code: It is optional to provide zip code in the Dunkin’ App, but it is required for enrollment through the website.  Except for MTT Markets, once a zip code is provided, you will receive market specific offers once you have enrolled a DD Card.
  4. To earn points in a non-MTT market, enroll an active Dunkin’ Gift Card (DD Card) into your account.  An “Active” DD Card is one that has a minimum of $2 US Dollars on it. Money can be loaded onto a DD Card in store, online at www.DunkinDonuts.com or in the Dunkin’ App. You may enroll more than one DD Card in the Perks Program. DD Cards may be added or removed at any time.

Earning “Points”

  1. To earn points in a non-MTT Market, you must use an enrolled DD Card to pay at a participating Dunkin’ location. Baskin-Robbins® cards accepted at locations that have both Dunkin’ and Baskin-Robbins products cannot be used in to earn points in the Reward program.    
  2. Members earn 5 (five) Points for every $1 (one) spent on Qualifying Products (defined below), exclusive of sales tax.
  3. Qualifying Products are all Dunkin’  products purchased at participating locations, except: the purchase or reload of a DD Cards or Gift Cards, Gift Certificates, Reward Coupon Redemptions, donations to charity, and Newspapers. Sales tax and returned merchandise will be deducted from the purchase price. Product purchases through the Dunkin’ on-line shop are excluded. Baskin-Robbins products sold in Dunkin’ /Baskin-Robbins® combo locations are excluded.
  4. Point balances will be displayed at the bottom of your receipt, in your account on the website and in the Dunkin’ App.
  5. From time to time, participating locations may experience system unavailability and cannot process a DD Perks transaction and Points will not be recorded. Members can contact Customer Care to request that Customer Care manually enter the points for the transaction into the “Members” account. The Customer Care Team can be contacted by email at customerservice@dunkinbrands.com or at 1-800-447-0013.
  6. Once a Reward Coupon is issued as described below, 200 Points will be removed from the Member’s account, even if the Reward Coupon is not redeemed.
  7. For Members who have more than one DD Card enrolled, all points will be accumulated in one main account. 
  8. Points will be earned on Qualified Purchases made in the prior thirty (30) days prior to enrollment with the enrolled DD Card. 
  9. Points are not earned on products purchased with a Reward Coupon.

Redeeming Rewards

  1. A Reward Coupon for a free single serve beverage (any size) will be issued for every 200 Points earned. A free beverage is defined as any size single serve hot or iced coffee, espresso or tea, hot chocolate or Coolatta®, and excludes all bottled cooler beverages (e.g. bottled water, soda, milk, or bottled juice), and Box O’ Joe and Gallon containers.  Almond Milk and Espresso shot may be an additional charge.
  2. Each Reward Coupon has a unique number and can only be used once regardless of how many times and in how many forms the Reward Coupon is received. To access the Reward Coupon on-line the member must log into his/her account at www.DunkinDonuts.com and click on the “My Perks” tab. The Reward Coupon can also be accessed and redeemed on the Mobile App.
  3. DD Card does not need to be presented to redeem Reward Coupon.
  4. Reward Coupon Terms: Limit one coupon per customer per visit. Coupon must be presented at time of order. Shop must retain coupon. No substitutions allowed. No cash refunds. Void if copied or transferred and where prohibited or restricted by law. Consumer must pay applicable tax. Good only at U.S. DD Perks Program participating locations. Cash redemption value 1/20 of cent. Birthday Free beverage Reward Coupons expire 7 days from the time they are issued.  Other Free beverage coupons expires 30 days after date of issuance.

Account Inactivity

For DD Perks members who join after November 1, 2018, if a Member does not purchase a Qualifying Product with an enrolled DD Card for a period of 6 months, the Points earned will expire and will be removed from the Members’ account.  For DD Perks Members prior to November, 1, 2018, if no there is no purchase of a Qualifying Product before April 30, accrued points will expire. 

Multi-Tender Test (MTT) Program

A MTT markets is one in which Members will earn points when they pay with DD Cards and/or credit/debit cards. If you have a balance on an enrolled DD Card, payment will automatically default to the DD Card for in-store orders. If there is no DD Card balance, you may pay with cash in store once you have shown your Loyalty ID. For On the Go orders only, you may select an alternative credit/debit card for payment.

If you purchase outside of an MTT Market, you will only be able earn points when you pay with a DD Card. The Loyalty ID card will not be valid outside of MTT Markets.

For Existing Perks Members in an MTT market.

  1. If you have provided your zip code where you reside in your account, you will need to scan the QR code located in the “Pay” section of the Dunkin’ app which will connect to your Loyalty ID.
  2. If you pay with an enrolled DD Card, you will continue to receive points as you have in the past.
  3. If you pay with cash or a debit/credit card at the store you will need to present your loyalty ID in the Dunkin’ App to earn points. You loyalty ID can be found under “Scan/Pay”.

For new Perks Members in an MTT Market:

  1. Dunkin’ App users. You can enroll through the Dunkin’ App or Websites. You must provide the information as outlined in Enrollment points 1-3 above. As MTT is a local offer, your zip code is required to be able to pay with multiple forms of tender and earn points. If you not provide a zip code, you will only earn points when you pay with an enrolled DD Card as outlined in Enrollment, point 4 above.
  2. If you have received a DD Perks Loyalty ID Card in store or in the mail, you may enroll at www.perksyourway.com and provide the required. The Loyalty ID Card is not a form of payment.
  3. The Loyalty ID Card is not required for the program. The Loyalty ID Card is only required to earn points if you are (1) not logged into the Dunkin’ App or (2) are not paying with an enrolled a DD Card.


  1. There is no membership fee associated with the Perks Program. “Points” accumulated under the Perks Program have no cash value.
  2. Members may not sell, transfer or assign Points.
  3. Dunkin’  reserves the right to terminate a Members account and/or participation in the Perks Program if it the Member has violated the Privacy Policy, Online Terms of Use, or these Terms and Conditions; or if the use of your account is unauthorized, fraudulent or otherwise unlawful or in violation of any of those policies or terms.
  4. The Perks Program will continue until such time as Dunkin’, in its sole discretion, elects to terminate the Perks Program. Dunkin’ has the right to terminate the Perks Program at any time without providing electronic or written notice to you.
  5. Dunkin’ reserves the right to offer additional Perks Program benefits to some Members based on geographic location, Perks Program participation or other criteria as determined by Dunkin’. Some of our special promotional offers, benefits, and communications also may be based on the volume or type of purchases. Special offers are distributed by email or through the Mobile App, so you must opt-in to receive promotional and marketing emails from DD Perks and provide a valid email address in order to receive them via email. You may opt-out of receiving additional Perks Program communications and still remain an active Perks Program Member. View DD Perks Program FAQs

DD Perks vs. Dunkin’ Account

What is the difference between DD Perks and my Dunkin’ Account?

DD Perks is our loyalty program where you earn points for qualifying purchases to be redeemed for free beverage rewards, while a Dunkin’ account is a way to store your DD Cards and receive Dunkin’ emails. You can create a Dunkin’ Account by registering your DD card.

Join DD Perks to enjoy all the benefits of a Dunkin’ account, plus perks like Free Beverages, member-only offers and On-the-Go Mobile Ordering.

Signing Up

Is there a membership fee to join DD Perks?

There is no membership fee to participate in the DD Perks program.

Do I need to register a DD Card in DD Perks and add value to it?

Yes. In order to make the most of DD Perks, your DD Card must be enrolled, registered and loaded with money. You can add value online, via the Dunkin’ app or at any participating Dunkin’ at any time after enrollment.

I do not have an email address. Can I join DD Perks without using one?

An email address is required to join DD Perks. It helps us keep you accurately informed about your account and rewards.

Is my personal information secure?

We go to great lengths to ensure the security of your personal information. Please refer to our privacy policy for all the details on how we use your data.

What if my DD card is already registered?

Sweet—you’re a step ahead! Now, simply sign in to your existing Dunkin’ Account and click on the button to Join DD Perks. Once you finish your registration, you’ll be ready to earn points!

Earning Points & Rewards

How can I earn points and rewards?

You can earn points by using your enrolled DD Card to pay for qualifying purchases at restaurants participating in our DD Perks program. You’ll earn five points for every $1 you spend and a free beverage Reward Coupon every 200 points.

How will I receive my free beverage Reward Coupon when I earn 200 points?

All free beverage Reward Coupons will be viewable at DunkinDonuts.com when you sign in to your account; and available in the Dunkin’ app in the DD Perks section.

How will I receive my Free Enrollment Beverage and Free Birthday Beverage Coupons?

Coupons will appear in your account on DunkinDonuts.com and in the Dunkin’ app under the DD Perks section. *Reward Coupons are one-time use, regardless of the channel used for redemption. DD Perks Points will reset to 0 (-200) when a Free Beverage Reward Coupon is earned.*

Do my points and Reward Coupons expire?

Yes. Point balances of less than 200 points will expire in 6 months* if you do not make a qualifying purchase in that time with your enrolled DD Card. Birthday Free beverage Reward Coupons expire 7 days from the time they are issued. Free beverage Reward Coupons expire 30 days from the time they are issued.

*Starting 11/01/2018 new members enrolling into DD Perks will have 6 months to make qualifying purchases before points expire. For existing members if a qualifying purchase is not made between 11/01/2018 and 04/01/2019 the points balance will expire on 04/01/2019. Additionally all qualifying purchases between the above stated dates will automatically refresh to have a 6 month expiration date.

Can I earn DD Perks points at any Dunkin' Donuts location and on all Dunkin’ purchases?

DD Perks points are only earned by making qualified purchases at participating Dunkin’ Donuts locations. For a complete list of participating restaurants, please use our restaurant locator.

Please note: sales tax and returned merchandise will be deducted from the purchase price of qualifying purchases for purposes of calculating DD Perks points.

Some examples of unqualified purchases:

  • Purchase/reload of DD Cards or gift certificates
  • Redemption of DD Perks Reward Coupons
  • Donations to charity
  • Purchase of newspapers
  • Product purchases through the Dunkin'® online shop
  • Purchase of Baskin-Robbins products sold in Dunkin Donuts’/Baskin-Robbins multi-brand locations

Can I register my Baskin-Robbins gift card to my DD Perks account and earn points on purchases?

  • At this time, Baskin-Robbins gift cards cannot be registered to DD Perks accounts. Baskin-Robbins products sold in Dunkin’ Donuts/Baskin-Robbins multi-brand locations are not considered Qualified Purchases.

Why am I not receiving DD Perks points when making purchases with my registered DD Card associated with my account?

  • This is probably because you currently have a Dunkin’ Account—which allows you to register DD Cards and receive promotional emails and coupons—but not a DD Perks account.
  • To enroll in DD Perks, sign in to your Dunkin’ Account and click on the button to Join DD Perks. If you already have DD Cards registered to your Dunkin’ account, they will be linked to your DD Perks account automatically. If you do not have any registered cards, you can add a card during enrollment.


What are “member-only” offers and how do I get them?

Throughout the year, there may be opportunities for DD Perks members to earn additional perks or redeem special offers. We will notify you by email and in the Dunkin’ app about new ways to earn points.