Now you can brew your coffee the Dunkin

Brewing Tips

Tips for making it delicious every time

Now you can brew your coffee the Dunkin' way with our packaged coffees and K-Cup® pods.

Read on to get brewing, then come and explore the full Dunkin' coffee experience

and tell us and the world what you're drinkin'.



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For Hot Coffee

For Hot Coffee

Brew at home with our packaged coffee and K-Cup® Pods. Original Blend, Dunkin' Dark® Roast, Dunkin’ DecafTM, French Vanilla, and Hazelnut flavors available. Learn more

Store your coffee in cool, dry spaces at room temperature for best results.
Clean your brewer and carafe before brewing for even better coffee.
The longer your coffee is on the burner, the more bitter it gets. After 20 minutes, it can be downright mean.
Coffee absorbs flavors and aromas of anything around it. Store it in an airtight container to keep it fresher for longer.
Reheating your coffee is a recipe for bad coffee. Instead, use the burner or an insulated mug to keep it pipin’ hot.
Ground coffee remains fresh for up to seven days after opening, whole bean coffee up to 20 days.
The finer you grind it, the stronger the flavor gets. Experiment to see what's your grind.
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For Iced Coffee

For Iced Coffee

Choose from Original Blend, Dunkin' Dark®  Roast, Dunkin’ DecafTM, French Vanilla, and Hazelnut flavors to make your icy treat. Available in K-Cup® pods and packaged coffee. Learn more

Keep iced coffee cooler for longer by storing it in the fridge. Not rocket science, but coffee science.
Let the pot cool off before adding ice. Helps to take it off the burner, too.
Add enough ice to double your iced coffee’s volume for deliciously cool results.
Melting ice dilutes the coffee. Which is why you should brew your iced coffee with twice the amount of coffee grinds you use for hot coffee.
Seal your icy brew in an airtight container to retain that awesome freshness.
Left unrefrigerated, iced coffee is only good for eight hours after brewing. Short but sweet.