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    It’s National Potato Day! Here’s Three Hash Brown Recipes to Celebrate!

    August 19, 2014 9:00 AM

    Happy National Potato Day! In celebration of this spud-tastic holiday, we’re bringing back three potato-centric recipes created by our very own hash-brown enthusiast and culinary team member, Molly DeHahn. All three recipes - Two-Bite Hash Brown Nacho, Double Decker Jalapeño Cheddar Canapés and BBQ Hash Brown Canapés - are perfect as appetizers and only take a few steps and ingredients to make. They feature our very own DD hash browns, which serve as a delicious complement to a variety of food flavors due to their perfected blend of herbs and spices. If you love hash browns half as much as we do, try these recipes for yourself. We promise you won’t leave disappointed (or hungry)!

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