Dunkin’ Donuts Appears on Bravo’s Top Chef In Quickfire Challenge

By Ali Aceto, PR & Social Media Specialist

Dunkin’ Donuts made a very special appearance during Wednesday (December 11) night’s episode of Bravo’s Emmy Award-winning series, Top Chef. In the tenth episode of Top Chef’s Season 11, the spotlight was shown on Dunkin’ Donuts Coffee in the Quickfire challenge, where the remaining nine chefs were tasked to create a dish featuring Dunkin’ Donuts Coffee. The chefs were given just 30 minutes to create their dish, and the chef with the winning dish was not only awarded immunity, but also received $10,000 provided by Dunkin’ Donuts!                                                                                                

fileCourtesy of BravoTV.com

Top Chef host and judge Padma Lakshmi was joined by guest judge Hubert Keller, Chef/Owner of Fleur de Lys, in selecting the chef who had the winning dish. Here are some of the dishes that were highlighted during the judging session of the Quickfire challenge: 


Roasted Sockeye Salmon with Hazelnut Coffee Caramel & Hon-Shimeji Mushrooms

fileCourtesy of BravoTV.com


Coffee Custard with Candied Coffee Beans & Cocoa Nibs

fileCourtesy of BravoTV.com


Coffee Crusted Tenderloin with Garlic Purée & Coffee Brown Butter Sauce 


Coffee & Macadamia Sponge Cake with Mascarpone Coffee Sauce

fileCourtesy of BravoTV.com


Sweet Potato & Goat Cheese Coffee Crepe with Ham & Bacon Coffee Jam 


Coffee Risotto with Anduille Sausage & Sugar Snap Peas 

fileCourtesy of BravoTV.com


Alaskan sockeye salmon, coffee ponzu & coffee roasted eringi mushrooms

fileCourtesy of BravoTV.com

We thought all of the chefs’ dishes incorporated Dunkin’ Donuts Coffee in very creative ways and they all looked delicious. So who was named the winner of this Quickfire challenge? The chef with the winning dish was Chef Shirley!

Congrats to Chef Shirley for her coffee crusted tenderloin with garlic purée and coffee brown butter sauce! Shirley even mentioned during the episode that she would love to use the $10,000 to purchase a new air conditioner for her home in Las Vegas (it’s pretty hot there!). 

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*All images are courtesy of BravoTV.com